Program and Project Management


ACI’s core competencies center on our Program and Project Management Practice. We hold the industry standard certification for project management through PMI, with PMP certified professionals. Our experiences also carry us with IBM Executive Level Certification programs, enabling our clients to call on IBM for solution driven projects with us as the driver. This means our clients enjoy complex technology migrations or new business projects with accuracy, scope management and cost-effectiveness. Our offering is tailored to offer value by enabling a wide variety of entry-level, mid-level, or highly skilled resources to quickly deliver small/medium/large-scale complex technology projects. The current global market for new and upgraded technology (according to Dataquest) is $93+ billion annually. Only a fraction of that technology, the lower-cost and lower-margin items, can be installed and maintained by the end user. The remaining technology must be installed and maintained by a limited pool of trained technicians and engineers. They are employed by thousands of “Services” companies ranging from tiny entrepreneurial companies to global giants like Cisco and IBM. For everyone involved in the “technology” value-chain, Sales, Profits, and Customer-Satisfaction are severely limited by their dependence on expensive resources to get their products into the hands of their customers. While most companies have recognized the value in automating the processes of implementing or maintaining their technology, their rather obvious solution is to build a system that intimately understands the technology and simplifies the user interaction. Unfortunately, the products that result are either too complex or too simplistic and they only address the problem in one business application niche or segment

Information Management Graphic

Information Management Portal

Our Information Management Portal (ACIMP) is an innovative tool that manages project services. It’s a unified web-based project management and collaboration solution providing significant benefits to projects and other related technology deliverables. Amigo! Communications Information Management Portal provides the following benefits:

  • Provides One Portal client interface for all project management software products with our innovative middleware technology platform.
  • Create collaborative work spaces for project teams, departments, and work groups.
  • Customize our portal to your unique business processes.
  • Provide project shareholders accurate, real-time visibility to cross-project data Flexible licensing options for fast, cost-effective deployment

Coordination and Management

  • Confirm Project Scope
  • Coordinate Customer Equipment Roll-Out Schedule
  • Identify Devices and Equipment Configurations
  • Configuration Process Engineering

Pilot Program

  • Develop Project Pilot Plan
  • Build Test Lab in Staging Center
  • Develop Configuration Templates
  • Pilot Start-Up
  • Install Remote Sites/Location Pilot
  • Modify Process
  • Benchmark Pilot Sites/Locations

Staging and Configuration

  • Create Project Staging Plan Receive and Inventory
  • Assemble Devices
  • Download Customer Supplied Configuration
  • Load Customer Configuration and IP Address
  • System Testing and Verification
  • Operation of Network Interfaces
  • Verification Testing

Staging and Configuration Centers

Centers such as these, which were designed and are using tools created by the ACI technical team, automate the configuration & staging process. The device integration and software configuration is now automatically performed in advance of site work. By implementing our software automation tools, these centers can eliminate errors and greatly increase the productivity of the field technician when they arrive at project sites.

Effective Project Management

ACI will assign, for each project, a Certified Project Manager who will be the single point of contact and owner of overall responsibility for all aspects of the project. ACI Certified Project Managers coordinate and take responsibility for managing the logistics and details of each project. These PMP Professionals team-up with the account management team and engineering group. They are well versed in best practice approach to automating large-scale rollouts.