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Amigo! Communications has enjoyed a long tenure with a proven track record of delivering business value to its customers by helping them solve problems and execute on strategies through our strong business partner network.  Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Optimization (BO) represent our partnering practice.  With its comprehensive software offering, 20+ years of experience and a proven methodology for architecting and deploying high-quality and high-performance solutions, utilizing TIBCO Systems, we can help organizations address problems of all shapes and sizes.

2-Minute Explainer: Introduction to our Partner Network and Solutions

Organizations face an increasing volume, variety and velocity of information. TIBCO leverages high performance integration expertise to help organizations implement service-oriented architecture, business process management, and business optimization.

Solution area diagram

Business Process Flow

  • SOA: Helping organizations build a more adaptable IT infrastructure comprised of reusable services for composite application assembly.
  • BPM: Helping organizations streamline and continuously improve the execution and performance of processes that span their business.
  • BO: Helping organizations convert streams of data into meaningful information and deliver it to employees, customers and partners.
  • MDM: Helping organizations manage their important master data assets such as information about their products, customers, vendors, etc.

ACI is focused on delivering the resources and services to facilitate the implementation of computing, network technologies and operations of our existing clients. Through our Information Management Portal, project updates is just a click away for our subscribers.

  • Tools for Network Type Devices, PCs, Servers, PBX, VoIP and Convergence products.
  • Server tools for managing large client side implementations.
  • Data Collection tools for GAP Analysis and Facility Audits.
  • Data Interchange tools for linkage to existing systems and Project Management services.
  • Customization and creation of new and existing implementation tools.
  • Application and website creation for specialized operations.


  • Physical receipt, Asset tracking and management.
  • Automated configuration and testing tools/builds by project.
  • Flexible facility locations: Virtual, Physical Co-location, or Countdown.
  • No limitations on hardware, software, OS or network types.
  • Final staging and shipment management to Client locations.


  • Site Surveys, GAP Analysis, Physical Site Preparation, On-Site Equipment, Installation, Setup, Testing and Support.
  • Cost-effective upgrades of advanced systems networks.
  • Time and resource optimization through advanced tools and repeatable methodologies.
  • The highest quality and consistent service delivery.
  • Accelerated ROI and revenue realization through earlier infrastructure availability.
  • Customer Satisfaction.

ACI brings a combination of people, process and tools to its solutions, and by doing so, is able to support complex technologies faster, efficiently, and more cost effective than other separate processes, but the real benefit is the increase ROI for its customer.

Increased Return on Sales (ROS)

A common complaint voiced by Technology Providers is that their biggest risk to margins is in the implementation process. Given the enormous dependency on technology use today, even just maintaining current legacy level systems is a huge challenge. Additionally, small incremental upgrades over the enterprise, the demand for all types of computing & internetworking skills still remains outstanding.

In some instances these upgrades actually create immediate revenue, which without a rapid implementation methodology would never exist. In other instances, rapid implementation accelerates revenues and realizes significant improvements to ROS. In a recent project, the Client was able to complete a complex 17,000 router deployment in 8 months, as opposed to 24-34 months as quoted by its closest competitor. As a result, the Client was able to realize communications cost savings that paid for the project in 3 months.

Reduced Risk

The proliferation of new products and support of existing ones has significantly increased the competitive pressures for Technology Providers to ensure a flawless “go to market” strategy where speed and cost of implementation and updates are critical to beat the competition. ACI’s model can significantly lower the risk of product introductions and enhancements, thereby improving the Provider’s Return on Investment. Amigo! ensures that the deployed products and services are implemented rapidly, accurately and with minimal operational disruption. Through the use of its tools, ACI provides a unique and unequalled value proposition to its clients in their “go to market” or delivery strategies.

Reduced Cost and Increased Profitability

The lack of low cost trained and skilled technical workers has resulted in spiraling technical labor rates, which to a large extent have been canceling out the benefit of reduced software and hardware technology costs. Most information technology firms will therefore charge for their services on a time and materials basis (T&M), as they are generally unaware of both the cost and time of an implementation. Countdown’s automated tool implementation model allows our Clients to offer services on a fixed time, fixed cost basis.

You will then be able to convert an unknown and highly volatile implementation cost into a guaranteed fixed cost, which in turn allows you to price your projects more accurately, and profitably.

Consistent Implementations

By using tools which induce the use of “best practices”, all implementations go through proven processes and methodologies ensuring that the outcome of all projects are predictable, and are of a consistently high standard irrespective of the relative skill sets of the personnel on a particular project.

Improved Customer Satisfaction and End-User ROI

Due to the speed, accuracy, less intrusive nature and virtual elimination of errors of implementations carried out using Countdown tools, our Clients benefit from increased customer satisfaction. In addition because Countdown’s tools and processes are able to crunch cycles by 40% to 80%, end-user customers are able to take advantage of their technology investment at a much earlier stage and utilize that technology for a far longer period before obsolescence creeps in. For example if one assumes that the life cycle of today’s technology is no longer than 36 months, every month extended to its utilization resulting from faster implementation, would improve the end users potential return on their Technology Investment by over 2.5% per accelerated month.

How Does Amigo! Communications Do It?

Through our eight (8) years of consultant implementation experience and 19 years of Project management and I/T experience, the ACI team has developed the track record and service delivery standards most organizations have come to appreciate. This Program/Project management practice leverages our many experienced core principles to deliver time after time a trusted and proven deliverable.