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amigo inc These words remain our continued focus and goals for Amigo! Communications as we continue to chart our course for the years to come. The Small Business owner continues to have their share of challenges to maintain service levels, keeping technology refreshed and still provide profit for the bottom line. Amigo! Communications understands those challenges and continues to respond to the calls. Welcome to our expanded world of technology integration in project management. As you can see, we have many areas of concentration and even more exciting things to share with our new potential clients. With so many technologies available to end-users and industry dictating timelines and business issues, successful integration will require timely and cost effective solutions. Only through developing strong business affiliations with the expertise in these varying areas of technology can the SMB (small to medium business) remain competitive and meet the business issues of our customers. Companies continue to downsize, rightsize, consolidate and do whatever it takes to make the bottom-line. This means past months represented lost wages to some, which is very unfortunate. In our opinion, keeping abreast with change means keeping current with technology while avoiding the "cutting to the bone" syndrome, which always results in losing good talent among the ranks.Systems Integration, Network Engineering and Data Communications are becoming more and more standard technologies and Amigo! Communications, though our business affiliates continue to remain up for the challenge. Diversity is the key to any successful endeavor. Our services are committed to our same service of excellence that we've prided ourselves on over the years. Through offering a diverse mix of services within the Amigo! business portfolio it is our continued goal to maintain all of our Amigos! as we continue to evolve our mission. The Gartner Group clealy outlines the need for external resources for technology procurement and the reasons why companies are doing so. With this, coupled with good leadership and great Amigos! on our team, I believe the most exciting times are yet to come.

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